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 Creating Quiz Questions

1. There are two ways to create questions for a quiz. Questions can be created and put into a question bank for use at a later time, or they can be created and put right into the quiz once it is created on the course outline (see “Creating a Quiz” document). Questions that are created and put into the quiz question bank can be accessed after the quiz has been created and added to it.

2. Click on “Questions” in the “Administration” block in the course outline.

3. To help organize questions, click on the “Categories” tab at the top of the page.

4. A list of the categories will be shown. As questions are created, you can assign them to specific categories, to help in the organization of the questions. Default, there will be three ‘Main Categories Levels’: Course, Category, System. It is a best practice to only add new categories under your Course level.

5. To create a new category, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Choose the Level you would like to place the new category (default is course level) from the “Parent” dropdown menu.

6. Enter in the “Name” of the new category, and provide some “Category info” (optional). When finished, click “Add Category” at the end of the page.

7. Click the “Questions” tab at the top of the page to return back to the “Question Bank”

8. Choose the “Category” you would like to view by selecting its name from the dropdown menu.

9. Turn on/off select options for the category by checking or un-checking the boxes:

• Display Questions from sub-categories too

• Also show old questions

• Show question text in the question list

10. To “Create a new Question”, choose the type from the dropdown menu. The following types of questions can be created: Calculated, Description, Essay, Matching, Embedded Answer (Cloze), Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Numerical, Random Short Answer Matching, and True/False. Please see the “Quiz Question Type” documentation for an explanation on how to set up each type of question.

11. The questions within a category will be shown in a list. The “Question name” will appear, along with an icon indicating what “Type” of question it is, and several “Action” icons for each question.

12. The action items are represented by four icons. Moving from left to right:

• Preview: Magnifying glass icon. Preview the question in a student’s view.

• Edit: Pencil icon. Edit the content of the question.

• Move Question to another Context: Two green arrows icon. Move the question to a different Category Level.

• Delete: Red X icon. Delete this question.

13. To quickly move a question(s) to a different category, check the box under “Action”. Then, move under “With selected” choose the category to move the question to, and click the “Move to>>” button.

14. To add questions that are in the “Question Bank” into a quiz, see either the “Creating a Quiz” documentation or click on the name of the quiz from the course outline that has already been created.

15. Click on the “Edit” tab in the middle of the page.

16. Additional questions can be created directly within the quiz on the right side of the page.

17. To add individual questions to the quiz from the “Question bank”, click the “<<” icon under “Action” for a question in the question bank. To move multiple question at the same time, check the boxes for the questions under “Action” and click the “

18. Question “Grade” marks are set on default as 1. These can be changed to weight some questions more than others. The “Total” will automatically adjust.

19. Enter in the “Maximum Grade” for the quiz. All quiz results will be scaled to the “Maximum Grade”. For example: if you have a quiz that is worth 10% of the total course points (course is out of 100 points), and your quiz has 50 questions. All grades out of the 50 will be “Scaled down” to the maximum grade of 10

20. Click “Save Changes” when finished.

ADDING Random Questions for a Quiz Question Bank

A quiz can be created to randomly select questions from a quiz bank to resend to students every time they take a quiz.

Example: An instructor has a question bank made up of 200 questions. This question bank is to be used for a 50 question quiz. The instructor would like for the quiz to automatically choose 50 random questions out of the 200 total to be used in the quiz, and every time a student takes a quiz, it chooses a new set of 50 questions (without choosing duplicates in the same set).

An instructor can also create a quiz where the 1st question would be randomly selected from a group of 10, the 2nd question would also be randomly selected from a separate group of 10, so-on and so-on.

Choose the category of Quiz questions to be used for the quiz. These will provide the bank of questions that are to be randomly selected.

Once a “Category” is selected, the quiz questions contained in the category will be displayed below.

To select a number of questions from the specific Category chosen to appear randomly in the Quiz, choose the desired number from the dropdown menu of “Add ### of random Questions”

Click “Add” when the desired number of questions from the questions is selected.

The proper number of questions will appear in the “Questions in the Quiz” list on the left side of the page. Each question will indicate that it is a random question, and a “?” will appear in the “Type” of question column.

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