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 Creating a User in AMVONET

1. Inside of the “Site Administration Block”, Click on: Users > Accounts > Add a new user

2. Enter in the “Username” and “Password”. If you would like the user to change their password upon signing in the first time, check the “Force password change” box.

3. Enter in the “First Name”, “Surname”, and “Email Address”.

4. Decide the viewing options of the email address for this user in the “Email display” field. There are three options. Then choose if this email address should be enabled or disabled to receive email messages and alerts from the AMVONET system.

5. Enter in the “City/town”, “Select a country” from the dropdown menu, choose the “Preferred language”, and enter in a description of the student (optional).

6. OPTIONAL: Upload a picture of this user. User may add this later.

7. OPTIONAL: Add a list of interests. User may add this later.

8. Click “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page when finished.

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