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 Creating a Quiz
Article 1. Start by clicking the “Turn editing on” button inside of the course page.

2. Navigate to the point on the course outline where the quiz should be placed. Click on “Add an activity…”, and choose “Quiz” from the dropdown menu.

3. Enter the “Name” of the quiz as it will appear on the course outline. Supply an “introduction” to the quiz in the text box below.

4. If the quiz will only be accessible to students during a set period of time, “Uncheck” the “Disable” boxes, and set the “Open the quiz” time and “Close the quiz” time. Note: the time will be set using a 24 hour time clock.

5. By default, there is no time limit on taking a quiz. To force a time limit on taking the quiz, check the “Enable” box for the “Time limit (minutes)” field, and enter in the allotted time allowed to take the quiz.

6. If students can take the quiz multiple times, a time limit can be set between their first and second attempts. A time delay can also be added to any additional attempts thereafter.

7. Choose how many questions will appear on each page. The default is “Unlimited”. Choose if the questions will shuffle for each individual user, and then choose if the questions in each answer should be shuffled. Note: Answers within questions can be shuffled even if the all questions are not shuffled.

8. Determine how many attempts each student may have for the quiz. Default is set to “Unlimited”

9. If several attempts are allowed, and “Each attempt builds on the last” is on “Yes”, then answers of the previous attempt will be shown when taking the quiz again. To show a fresh new quiz every time, choose “No”.

10. If adaptive mode is turned on, then students will be allowed multiple responses to a question even within the same attempt of the quiz. Each wrong attempt will apply a penalty factor to the total score.

11. There are four options for the “Grading method”:

• Highest Grade: The final grade is the highest (best) grade in any attempt.

• Average Grade: The final grade is the average (simple mean) grade of all attempts

• First Grade: The final grade is the grade gained on the first attempt. (all other attempts are ignored)

• Last Grade: The final grade is the grade gained on the most recent attempt only.

12. The “Apply penalties” setting has no effect unless the quiz is run in “Adaptive Mode”. To allow penalties on wrong answers, make sure the field says “Yes”.

13. Decide how many decimal points grades should be displayed in.

14. The “Review options” control what information users can see when they review a quiz attempt or look at quiz reports. The three time frames are as follows:

• Immediately after the attempt: within two minutes of the attempt being finished by the user clicking “Submit all and finish” at the end of the quiz

• Later, while the quiz is still open: After the immediate feedback, and before the quiz close date.

• After the quiz is closed: After the quiz close date has passed. (if the quiz does not have a close date, this state is never reached.)
The information for each time-frame can be changed by checking and un-checking the boxes.

15. Create the security level for the quiz. The quiz can be forced to be taken in a “secure window”, meaning students will not be able to navigate to other websites while taking the quiz. A password can be required for students to enter before the quiz opens to them. The security can be taken even further and restrict access to the quiz to particular subnets on the LAN or internet. This is especially useful for a proctored quiz, where you want to make sure the users can only access the quiz from a specific room.

16. To keep the quiz open to all participants in the course, please skip over the “Common Module Settings” block. Keep all settings on default. “Group Mode” should remain on “No groups”. If you would like to assign the quiz to a specific group only, please reference the “GROUP ASSIGNMENT Document”.

17. “Overall Feedback” may be given to the students upon completion of their quiz. Enter in the “Grade Boundary” with the corresponding Feedback, as show below.

18. When complete, click either “Save and return to course” to go back to the course outline, or “Save and display” to assign questions to the quiz. Please see the “Creating Quiz” documentation to continue.

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