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 Creating a Forum

1. Click on the course you wish to enter by clicking on its title under “Available Courses”.

2. Turn the editing on in the course by clicking the “Turn editing on” at the top right of the course page.

3. Click on the “Add an activity…” button which should now be visible under the weekly outline. Make sure to select the “Add an activity…” button in the appropriate topic/week outline box.

4. From the dropdown menu, choose “Forum”.

5. You will be taken to a new page where you must enter the name of the forum you would like to show up in your course outline, along with a description of the forum.

6. Choose the type of Form you would like to create. There are Four different types of Forums:

A Single Simple Discussion: This is just a single simple topic, all on one page. Useful for short, focused discussions.

Standard Forum for General Use: This is an open forum where anyone can start a new discussion at any time. This is the best “General Purpose” forum.

Each Person Posts One Discussion: Each user can post exactly one new discussion topic (everyone can still reply to them). This is useful when you want each student to start a discussion, say, their reflections on the week’s topic and everyone can respond.

Q and A Forum: The Q and A forum requires students to post their perspectives before viewing other students’ postings. After the initial posting, students can view and respond to others’ postings.

7. You can choose the “Subscription” settings for all users in the forum. When a user is “Subscribed”, they will be sent an e-mail copy of a forum post. In most cases, users will have the option to subscribe or not after the teacher has created the initial settings. You will have four options when determining the “Subscription” options:

NO: Participants will not be sent e-mail copies of every post in the forum, but may choose to subscribe themselves.

YES, FOREVER: Participants will not be able to unsubscribe themselves from the forum, thus, will receive an e-mail copy of all posts.

YES, INITIALLY: Participants will be forced to subscribe, but will have the option to unsubscribe themselves at any time from the forum.

SUBSCRIPTION NOT ALLOWED: Participants are not subscribed, and will not have the option to subscribe to the specific forum.

8. You can choose the “Read Tracking” settings for all users in the forum. If “Read Tracking” is enabled, users can track read and unread messages in forums and discussions. The instructor can choose to force the tracking type on a forum using this setting. The “Read Tracking” options are as follows:

OPTIONAL: This is the default setting. Users can turn tracking on or off for the forum at their discretion.

ON: Tracking read and unread messages is always turned on.

OFF: Tracking read and unread messages is always turned off.

9. Choose the “Maximum attachment size” for the forum.

10. If you would like to keep the forum open to all participants in the class, you may skip over the “Common Module Settings” block. Keep all settings on default. “Group Mode” should remain on “No Groups”. If you would like to assign the forum to a specific group only, please reference the GROUP ASSIGNMENT Document.

11. You will be taken back to your course outline. To enter into the form, click on the name of the forum. Forums are identified as having an icon with two people on it.

12. To add a new topic / discussion to the forum, click on “Add a new discussion topic” in the middle of the page.

13. A new page will appear. Enter the topic subject in the “Subject” field, and then write the message (or content) of your forum post in the “Message” text field.

14. You will have the ability to “subscribe” to this specific discussion. If you are subscribed to this discussion, you will receive e-mail updates when another user replies to your topic / discussion.

15. When finished, click “Post to forum”

16. You will receive a message that your post was successful. You will also be notified that you have 30 mins to edit your post. Click “Continue” or wait to be redirected automatically.

17. To view and contribute to a specific discussion/topic, click on the name under the “Discussion” column.

18. Click Edit / Delete / or Reply to interact with the forum.

19. You may have the option to subscribe / unsubscribe to the entire forum. You can change your person settings at the top right of the page by clicking on the option below:

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