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 Assignment: Advanced Uploading of Files

1. Start by clicking the “Turn editing on” button inside of the course page.

2. Navigate to the point on the course outline where the Assignment should be placed. Click on “Add an activity…” and choose “Assignments: Advanced uploading of files” from the dropdown menu.

3. Enter in the “Assignment Name” as you would like it to appear on the Topic / Weekly outline.

4. Enter in the “Description” of the Assignment. Note: Ask good questions and try to be as concise as possible when writing the description for the Assignment.

5. Enter in the total “Grade” for the Assignment.

6. Determine if the assignment can only be available during a set period of time and/or days. The “Available from” date can be selected to determine when the assignment becomes available to students. The “Due date” can be selected to determine when the assignment will be closed. To “Disable” the “Available from”, “Due date” or both, check the “Disable” box to the right of each date.

7. To “Prevent late submission” of the assignment by students, choose “Yes” in the late submissions field.

8. Select the “Maximum size” of the file that students may upload for the Assignment. Default is set to 1MB, however, the size may be increased up to 2GB.

9. If “Allow Deleting” is enabled, then students will have the ability to delete uploaded documents anytime before submitting for grading.

10. Choose the “Maximum Number of uploaded files”. Default is set to 3, however up to 20 may be added.

11. To allow students to supply notes along with their uploaded documents, choose “Yes” for “Allow notes”.

12. You may hide the “Assignment Description” to students before the “Available Date” is reached. This allows students to see that they have an upcoming Assignment, but does not provide any detail as to the context of the Assignment.

13. “Email alerts to teachers” will send an email to your e-mail address when a student’s assignment has been submitted for marking.

14. To allow students to indicate when their uploaded assignment is ready for marking, choose “Yes” for the “Enable Send for marking” field.

15. If you would like to keep the Assignment open to all participants in the course, you may skip over the “Common Module Settings” block. Keep all settings on default. “Group Mode” should remain on “No Groups”. If you would like to assign the Assignment to a specific group only, please reference the GROUP ASSIGNMENT Document.

16. Click on “Save and return to course” when finished to return back to the course outline.

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