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 Playback Controls

The Playback Controls allow you to preview the recording as well as add audio into the timeline.

To view the recording as it will look when published, click on the Preview button on the bottom left corner of the page. To return back to the editing functionality, click on the Edit button on the bottom left corner of the page.

- The Play Button will start playing the recording at the point the Yellow Trackbar is located.

- The Stop Button will stop the recording and take the Yellow Trackbar back to the beginning.

- The Record Button will start recording Audio on the timeline at the point where the Yellow Trackbar is located.

- The Playback Tracker is directly linked to the Yellow Trackbar located in the Timeline. You can quickly move from one point in the recording to another.

- The Playback Time shows the minute and second of the Yellow Trackbar location.

- To toggle between the Actual Size and the Fit to Window size in the Preview Window, click on this icon.

- The Restore button will restore the default size and position of the Preview Window modules.

- The Save button will save the recording as a SCORM file, which can then be edited later, or added as a SCORM Activity in a course Weekly / Topic Outline.

- The Save As button will allow the recording to be saved as a separate recording and under a different name.

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