20 Nov 2018 
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Article Create Survey – Click on the Tests tab and the survey question and answer input will display in the upper left corner. Enter a question in the top line and after entering the question – enter the answers to the question in each blank answer field.

Add more answers - add more blank answer fields by clicking the add more answers button at the middle right of the screen and each time 3 more choices are displayed.

Upon entering the question and the answers click on the save button at the middle right of the window

Delete Survey - Select the survey to delete by clicking on it to highlight in the white box below ‘List of saved Surveys’ and then click the delete button at the bottom left of the screen

Preview survey - Highlight the survey and select the preview button located to the bottom right of the screen. The preview will display the question and answers in a pop-up box for review.

Send Survey - Click to highlight the survey below the ‘List of saved Surveys’ then click the Send button to send this survey to all of the students. Upon clicking send, the Survey Result View window will display.

View survey results - After sending the survey to students and after the students respond, the name of the student and the choice the student selected will be listed in the blank box at the top of the survey. The total for each choice will appear to the right.

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