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Article When entering into AMVONET Publish from a Recorded Online Session (ROS), there will be multiple Timelines running horizontally along the bottom of the window, each containing the respective Clips of content. If entering into AMVONET Publish to create a fresh, new SCORM Activity, there will be no content in any timelines because none has been created yet.

The Timelines Clips are color coded for easy recognition. The following are the representation of the colors with the clips.

- Audio/Video/screen share of a user
- Slide i.e. .ppt .doc
- Whiteboard slides
- User List
- Text chat
- Files from shared files that can be sent to a user
- Quizzes connected to AMVONET Manage can be sent out to a user
- Interactive points are points in the timeline that the user can move to.
- Website

Each timeline is specific to different modules and actions that can take place when watching the recording.

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