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 Create SCORM Activity
Article A SCORM Activity will appear on your course Weekly / Topic Outline inside of AMVONET Manage. There are two ways to initiate the creation of a SCORM Activity. The first is directly from your weekly / course outline (image on the left), and the second is from within AMVONET Publish in the SCORM Editor (image on the right). Both options can be used, and will allow you to access the same files, regardless of the initial path.

A new window will appear (you will now be in AMVONET Manage). At the top, enter in the name as you would like it to appear on the weekly / topic outline. Enter in a summary for the SCORM Activity in the area provided.

Click on Choose or Upload a file in the Package File field

You will be taken to the Media Library where you can browse for the SCORM File you would like to play, or upload a new one if it is on your computer. Click on Open under the Action column for the respective file to choose it. The name of the file will then appear in the Package File field.

Click on the Show Advanced button in the right side of the page (under the Summary) to expand the options to include the advanced options.

NOTE: Not all fields / functionality are applicable when creating an AMVONET SCORM File Activity. The following are recommended for use when creating an AMVONET SCORM File Activity, however, all fields can be adjusted to your specific requirements.

The Grading Method is not applicable when creating an AMVONET SCORM File Activity. You may enter in the Maximum Grade, and then manually apply a grade to the student’s grade-book. Please keep in mind that there is no way to automatically grade the entire SCORM Activity, however, quizzes and test sent out will be.

Select the Number of Attempts each student may have at viewing the SCORM Activity. Attempts Grading is not applicable.

Make sure the Stage Size Width and Height are both set to 100%

Change the Display Package to New Window.

Click on Allow the window to be Resized in the Options.

Choose Always for the Student Skip Content Structure Package field.

Change the Disable Preview Mode to Yes.

Leave all other settings as default, and click Save and Return to Course when finished.

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