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 Using Common Module Settings - Groups
Article Common Module Settings are used when assigning a “Resource” or “Activity” to a specific group only to access.

1. At the end of the settings input for both a “Resource” and “Activity”, you will see the “Common Module Settings” block.

2. Decide on the “Group Mode”. There will be three different options for the group mode:

a. No Groups = This Resource or Activity will NOT be assigned to a specific group, and all participants in the course can access / contribute to the item.
b. Separate Groups = This Resource or Activity will be assigned to a specific group, and ONLY THAT GROUP can access / contribute to the item. Items assigned to other groups are not visible.
c. Visible Groups = This Resource or Activity is visible / accessible to ALL participants in the course, however, only member of the assigned group can CONTRIBUTE to the item.
**Please note: This setting may be a default setting that is adjusted in the “Course Settings”, under “Group”**

3. Under the “Grouping” field, chose the specific grouping that you would like the item to be assigned to.

4. If the “Available for group members only” checkbox is checked, then the activity (or resource) will only be available to users assigned to groups within the selected grouping, or to any group if “no grouping” is selected.

5. If you would like the Resource or Activity to be available and “visible” to students right away, you can choose the “Show” option under “Visible”. If you would like to have the specific item hidden from students until a particular date, choose “Hide”.

6. You can skip over the “ID Number” and “Grade Category”, as they are not applicable.

7. Once on the Weekly / Topic outline, the name of the grouping will appear to the right of the name of each item if a grouping has been assigned to it. Please see below for more detail.

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