18 Nov 2018 
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 Layout Settings

Module Layout Bars

- There are TWO Layout Bars in an AMVONET Room. One runs vertical splitting the User List from the Presentation Screen and Text Chat area, and one running horizontal, splitting the Presentation Screen and the Text Chat area. The Bars can be adjusted independently from one another, providing a custom view for each individual user.

- The Layout bars can either be dragged into the desired position, or clicked on. Double clicking the Vertical bar will move it all the way to the left, collapsing the User List. Double clicking on the Horizontal bar will move it all the way to the bottom, collapsing the Text Chat area. Double clicking the either bar again will return it to its previous position.

Maximize / Minimize Buttons

- The Presentation Screen and Text Chat area both have “Maximize” and “Minimize” options to put either of the two modules into Full Screen Mode.

Fit Content Size to Window

- To readjust the contents of the Presentation Screen, click one of the three icons on the top left corner of the page. The icon with four arrows pointing outward will show the content at its actual size, and may require some scrolling.

Switching Between Moodle and an AMVONET Room

- To toggle between AMOVNET Manage and an AMOVENT Room, click on the different tabs that are located at the top of the page.

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