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 Creating a Wiki

1. Start by clicking the “Turn Editing on” button inside of the course page.

2. Navigate to the point on the course outline where the Wiki should be placed. Click “Add an activity…”, and choose “Wiki” from the dropdown menu.

3. Enter the “Name” of the Wiki as it will appear on the course outline. Supply a “Summary” of the Wiki to give some direction for the Wiki to students.

4. Select the “Type” of wiki from the dropdown menu. The “Type” of wiki can be used in conjunction with the “Common Module Settings” to create the following “Types” of wikis.

5. To keep the Wiki open to all participants in the course, please skip over the “Common Module Settings” block. Keep all settings on default. “Group Mode” should remain on “No groups”. If you would like to assign the Wiki to a specific group only, please reference the “GROUP ASSIGNMENT Document”.

6. Click “Save and return to course” to finish and return to the course outline. Click “Save and Display” to go directly to the Wiki.

7. Upon first entering into the Wiki page, you will be presented with a “Text Box” to form the first Wiki Page. Enter in text, and click “Save”

8. You will be taken to the “View” tab of the Wiki, where you are able to view the content of the page.

9. To create a “NEW PAGE” and form a “Link” in the Wiki, Click on the “Edit” tab.

10. In the text box, you may enter in new text to the existing Wiki. To create the link to the new page, enter in the title of the new page, and enclose the text in square brackets, as follows:

11. After clicking Save, you will see in the Wiki the title you just created with a “Question Mark” at the end. Click on the Question Mark to start the new page.

12. Edit the new page with text, and click save.

13. A new link will now appear in the original Wiki. It will take you to the new one when clicked.

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