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 Uploading of Files into the Course Main Files Folder

1. Click on the course you would like to enter by clicking on its title under “Available Courses

2. Click “files” on the left side of the screen in the Administration Block

3. ***Step 5 is Optional: Click “make a folder” if you want to save your files in a different directory or folder***

Type the name of the file you would like to create, and click “Create

4. Click “Upload a file” to upload files from your computer to the Course Main Files Folder in the AMVONET system.

5. After clicking “Upload a file”, click on “Browse…” to browse your computer for the file you would like to upload. After you find your file, click “Upload this file”.

6. After your file has been successfully uploaded, you will receive a message “File uploaded successfully” and be taken back to the Course Main Files Folder.

7. ….To move a file, delete a file, or zip a file; check the box to the left of the file name and select the option from the dropdown menu entitled “With chosen files…

8. ….To download a file and save it to your computer directly from the Course Main Files Folder, click on the file name, and then choose “Save” or “Open”.

9. ….To Unzip a file, click on “unzip” for the appropriate file

10. The contents of the zipped file will be shown, and click “OK

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