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 Inserting a Label

1. Start by clicking the “Turn editing on” button inside of the course page.

2. Navigate to the point on the course outline where the quiz should be placed. Click on “Add a resource…”, and choose “Insert a label” from the dropdown menu.

3. A new page will appear with an online text editing box. There are two ways that you can insert text into the the field:

1. Enter text directly into the text editor just as you would with any other text editor.

2. Copy / Paste pre-created text into the field.

4. Images can also be inserted into a “label” to be shown in the topic/weekly course outline. To insert an image.

a. Click on the “Insert Image” icon in the text editor

b. Click “Browse” to browse your computer for the image

c. Click “Upload” once the image has been selected

d. Locate the file in the “File Browser”, and click on its name

e. A preview of the image will appear in the window on the right

f. Enter in “Alternate text” at the top of the window, under the “Image URL”

g. Click “Ok”

h. The Image will appear in the text editor, with the option to readjust the size.

5. Use any of the other tools inside of the text editor to create the content that you would like to appear in the topic / weekly course outline.

6. To keep the label visible to all participants in the course, please skip over the “Common Module Settings” block. Keep all setting on default. “Group Mode” should remain on “No Groups”. If you would like to assign the label to a specific group only, please reference the “GROUP ASSIGMNET Document”.

7. When finished, click the “Save and return to course” button at the bottom to return back to the course outline.

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