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 Example Quiz Question Setup

1. Click on “Questions” in the “Administration” block in the course outline.

2. To “Create a new Question”, choose the type from the dropdown menu.

3. This example will show how to setup a “MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION”. Many of the fields cross over among the different types of questions.

4. Choose the “Category” that the question should be put in. Categories can be created in the “Categories” tab on the previous page for ‘Questions’.

5. Create a “Question Name”. The Question name is NOT the actual question as it will appear in the quiz. The “Question Name” is for teacher organization only!

6. The “Question Text” is where the question to the student should be provided.

7. To display an image in the question, select the correct one form the dropdown menu. You may choose from images that are uploaded in the “Main Files Folder” (See: Uploading a Document). An image can also be directly placed in the “Question Text” by using the “Insert Image” icon.


8. Set the “Default Question Grade”. This must have a value of at least 1.

9. The “Penalty factor” is only relevant if the quiz is set up to be run in “Adaptive” mode. If it is not set up this way, skip over this field. DO NOT place a value of ‘0’ in this field, as there must be a minimum value of ‘0.1’ in at all times, no matter what “mode” the quiz is set up as.

10. “General Feedback” may be given to students after they answer the question. This feedback is not dependent upon the answer choice the student makes for the question.

11. Choose if the question will have “One answer Only” or “Multiple answers Allowed”

12. To Shuffle the choices within each question, check the “Shuffle the choices” box. This will shuffle the answers each time a student takes the quiz. This is intended to make it harder for students to copy from each other.

13. Choose how the answers of the question should be numbered: (a., b., c.) (A., B., C.) (1., 2., 3.)

14. Under “Choice 1”, insert an answer and assign a grade to the answer. Note: All answer grades for the question must equal 100%. Therefore, if only one question is correct, assign the correct answer a grade of 100%, while leaving all other wrong answers at ‘None’ (0%). If two of the answers are correct, assign the two answers with grades of 50% each, and all wrong answers have a grade of ‘None’.

15. Optional feedback can be give depending on what answer each student chooses for the question.

16. Continue the same process for “Choice 2”, “Choice 3”, and “Choice 4”. If more choices need to created, click on the “Blanks for 3 More Choices” button.

17. Additionally, optional “overall feedback” can be given for depending on the outcome of the question for each student. Feedback can be given on:

• For any correct Response

• For any partially correct response

• For any incorrect response

18. When finished, click the “Same Changes” button at the bottom of the page.

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