09 Dec 2018 
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 User List Permissions
 When in an AMVONET Room, the User List is located on the left side of the display window. The User List controls permissions for the various functionalities in an AMVONET Room as well as other controls described below:
 User Specific Permissions
 1. Drawing Tools –Drawing tools allow an instructor or student to draw on a whiteboard or slide Turn on drawing tools - To “Turn ON” the drawing tools, make sure the square box is green under the quill icon for the user yo
 Audio / Video Settings
 1. Audio – There are several different audio settings you can adjust for yourself and others. Modify Sound Level of ANOTHER user. - Hover the mouse over the user’s name for the drop down menu to appear. Slide the Audio Volume bar t
 User List Tool Bar
 The bottom of the user list panel on left side also has a tool bar. These functions are defined as follows and work with the user list above. - - Enables user to publish and present s
 Share Desktop
 Share Desktop allows a selected individual (from the user list) to broadcast their ENTIRE desktop to be viewed by others in an AMVONET Room, and to be captured during Recording. When sharing your desktop, anything that is on your screen will be cap
 Add selected users to group. - To place students into a group, select the names in the user name list above by clicking on it once to highlight it and then click the Groups button at the bottom of the user list. A menu will appear to add the user
 Private Audio Chat
 - Chat privately between two users. Select the two users by clicking on one, then holding the ctrl key on your keyboard and clicking a second users name in the User List. After both names are highlighted, press the private audio chat button.
 Audio / Video Chat Mode
 Selecting the different Audio / Video Chat Modes - Two-Way Audio/Video: Conduct a conversation between the Moderator and another selected user in the AMVONET Room, having the ability to use both Audio and/or video.
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