09 Dec 2018 
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 Adjusting Audio
  Hover your mouse over the user's audio you would like to adjust to show the volume Adjust to the appropriate sound level
 Adjusting Microphone
  Hover over your name to bring up the microphone menu Adjust the microphone gain or mute/unmute from this menu
 Audio and Publishing in Groups
  Select a user and give them publishing rights to give them the ability to share their slides with the group. One person in every group can have publishing rights Click and hold the "push to talk" button to audio ch
 Enabling/Disabling Permissions
  Enable/Disable Drawing Tools Click to turn drawing tools on under the drawing tools column next to the user. A green
 Private Audio
  Select 2 users by clicking and holding the ctrl key Press the private audio chat button You are then ente
 Give Publishing Permissions
  Select the user Click the button to enable publishing permissions The user with publishing permissions can be noted
 Share your Screen
  Select yourself Click and open the screenshare menu Click "Share my desktop"
 Managing Recordings in AMVONET
 Recordings that were created in an AMVOENT Room will be placed in a list on the welcome page for that Room. These recordings are placed in the list automatically upon completion of the recording, without the need for rendering. Students and other instruct
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