09 Dec 2018 
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 Fit to Screen
  Click the "fit to screen" button if an image is too big to see, this will be at the top right of the screen. The image is then shrunk to your window size proportional to
 Send Support
  Click the "get support" button Enter your issue with as much detail as possible. Include a contact number if necessary
 Quick Response Tools
 YES Button - To give a Yes response, click the “Green Circle” button. No Button - To give a No response, click the “Red X” button. Raise Hand
 Step Out
  Click the step out icon at the bottom right of the screen Click "step back in" to come back into the class
 Additional Tools
 Located in the Bottom right of the screen are some Additional tools found in an AMVONET Room. Request Tech Support (During Normal Business Hours*) If AMVONET Tech Support is needed to help assist in with a tech
 Response Tools - Student
 When in a “Live Session”, AMVONET Connect can be divided up into four different sections. The “User List” is located on the left side of the screen, the top right half of the screen is the “Presentation Screen”, the bottom right side of the screen is the
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