20 Nov 2018 
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 Add new organization
  Click add new organization in the SCORM editor menu Enter a name for the organization and click Add Click add new part for the new organization
 Create SCORM Activity
 A SCORM Activity will appear on your course Weekly / Topic Outline inside of AMVONET Manage. There are two ways to initiate the creation of a SCORM Activity. The first is directly from your weekly / course outline (image on the left), and the second is fr
 New SCORM File
 To create a new SCORM File, click on the top option in the SCORM Editor: New SCORM File. A new page will display, asking you to enter in the name of the new SCORM File you would like to create.
 Open SCORM file
 To open a previously saved SCORM file, start by clicking the Open SCORM file link in the SCORM Editor. A new window will appear. From here, you can browse your Media Library for the saved SCORM File, or u
 Viewing all SCORM activities
  Click the expand button to view all activities Has this been helpful?
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