Manage Administration - Assign Roles

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Created On: 11 Apr 2011 3:50 PM


AMVONET Manage integrates with the Moodle course management system providing the full functionality of Moodle. In the Manage documents you will see references and links to Moodle docs for additional information and help provided by the Moodle community. Please be sure to note the version referenced in the help – AMVONET Manage uses Moodle version 1.9.7.

One of the blocks available when in AMVONET Manage is the Administration which contains a series of functions.

Turn editing off/on – by clicking on this function either through this block or at the top right side of the screen enables the edit feature on the entire display for Manage. When editing is turned on – additional edit icons will appear.

Assign Roles – Upon choosing the Assign Roles option - a new page will display ‘Assign roles in Course’ requiring specific input.

Help with’ question marks provide additional information on a particular field . Also at the bottom of each screen a Moodle information link is provided. Clicking on either of these, will present a new screen with additional explanations.

This screen describes the roles established and the number or users currently assigned. Click on the role link – and the next assign screen allows for maintaining the individuals in the roles.

The list of existing users displays on the left and potential users on the right. Click on the appropriate name on either side and then click ‘Add’ or ‘Remove’ in the middle. At the bottom of the potential users – a search block is presented. Enter the short search and click the search button. The potential users with the search criteria will be displayed above. Click ‘Assign roles in Course’ at the bottom of screen. This will update and return to prior screen.